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Step 1

Buy USDN stablecoins with a card

This key element of this zero-fee method is USDN – a decentralized stablecoin that was introduced by the team of Waves.Exchange

To promote the stablecoin, the exchange partnered up with the payment system AdvCash: that's why it's possible to buy USDN without any fees

The first step is to buy USDN with a credit or debit card on Waves.Exchange without fees. The price of USDN is always equal to 1 USD, so if you spend 1,000 USD, you'll get exactly 1,000 USDN

Step 2

Convert USDN into another crypto

To exchange USDN for Bitcoin or another crypto, go to the trading page, search for BTC/USDN or another USDN pair in the list of markets, and buy your chosen cryptocurrency for USDN

Market exchange rate with a difference of no more than 0.5%. After the purchase, you can do anything you wish with your crypto: sell, store, or send it to an external wallet

What you need to know about AdvCash

$10 min

Minimum purchase amount: $10


Max amount: $8,000 a day when buying with a card


Max amount when buying for AdvCash e-money: $100,000 a day


You'll need to provide a photo of your ID and card (you'll only have to do this once)

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