Stake USDT at 12-15% APY without KYC

Deposit and withdraw any time

Daily payouts

Starting from just $10,000

How to earn with USDT staking

Earning 12-15% a year securely with one of the most popular stablecoins: key facts


Neutrino USD (USDN) is like USDT, only decentralized. Thanks to the LPoS consensus algorithm, USDN natively supports staking and yields 12-15% a year


Hybrid trading platform Waves.Exchange launched an automated decentralized OTC desk that allows to exchange USDT for USDN and back at a 1:1 ratio


Any USDT holder can convert USDT into USDN without KYC and immediately stake the USDN

No fixed term

You can withdraw your USDN from staking any time of day or night and convert them back into USDT at the same 1:1 exchange rate

Up-to-date staking numbers

27 000 000

Total USDN purchased

14 000 000+

USDN locked in staking

5 000+

Total users

$800 000+

Staking income

How USDT holders and other crypto investors benefit from staking

High yield without the risk of volatility

There are no other USDT investment offers in the market with a guaranteed 12-15% yield. Lending protocols offer only 4-6% a year

No fees – unlike in Ethereum-based projects

Staking USDN costs just a few cents; when investing in DeFi on Ethereum, the blockchain fee can reach $15 in peak periods

Fixed exchange rate

You can always convert USDN back into USDT at a 1:1 exchange rate, regardless of the current market rate

Combining collateral and staking

Holders of BTC, ETH and other popular coins can use them as collateral to obtain USDT, convert them into USDN and earn with staking

Why users choose USDN staking on Waves.Exchange

It's simple

You don't need any technical expertise to start staking. A bank card or cryptocurrency to make the deposit, plus five minutes of your time – this is all that's required

It's secure

You have full control over your money. Nobody else can access your stake

Daily payouts

You'll receive staking rewards every day. You can choose to withdraw them or add them to your stake to earn more

No volatility

USDN is shielded from the volatility that's all too common in the crypto market. The risk that its exchange rate might fall is the same as for the fiat USD

Any period

You can stake USDN for as long as you wish, top it up any time or withdraw without losing the accumulated interest

Cold wallets

Ledger support makes staking even more secure: your funds won't leave the cold wallet

User testimonials

At first I was worried that the interest rate seemed too high. I spent two weeks studying the protocol and the smart contracts – I'm a coder myself, so I take these things very seriously. I realized that the protocol does work and that the rewards come from the staking of WAVES – the collateral behind USDN. I calculated what the yield should be using the current market prices – the numbers matched up. Only then I bought and staked USDN. I believe that all investors should do their own research, not trust promises in ads.

For me, the main advantage of staking is that I can withdraw my USDN at any moment. In the past I lost a lot of money investing in crypto, because many coins were easy to invest in but almost impossible to withdraw. With USDN, I first tested it with a small amount and withdrew it after a couple of days. Once I saw that the coins were back in my wallet, I made a bigger stake. Investors tend to chase high interest rates, but the really important thing is to have access to your money in case you need it. You can get back your USDN stake without any penalty, 24/7, and that's great. The only thing I didn't like is that my credit card didn't work with the AdvCash system. I had to buy BTC with fiat on a different website, send BTC to Waves.Exchange and then exchange it for USDN.

I've been part of the Waves community for 2 years now, and I follow all the news. So once I've heard about USDN, I decided to stake at once. A stakable stablecoin is really something new, something that can transform crypto investments. Earning 12-15% a year transparently, without giving away control over your money, without having to give it to a bank, borrower, centralized exchange etc. - this is financial freedom as I see it.

I've been looking for an investment vehicle that would pay more than regular bank deposits, money market funds and so on. I liked USDN staking much more than crypto lending platforms, because it's just so much easier. Being able to buy USDN with a credit card is an added bonus.

I use USDN staking as a hedging tool when I trade BTC. I sell Bitcoins on the high, exchange them for USDN and put it all in staking. Then I just wait for a new entry point into BTC and get my daily staking rewards. It's a much better hedging strategy than just storing everything in USDT or USDC on an exchange. Money should work.

USDN is definitely the most interesting product in the staking space right now. High interest + zero volatility + a truly decentralized protocol = a much more attractive option than lending on Compound or the so-called soft staking on Binance. I hope they'll issue new assets based on the Neutrino protocol, such as the yuan. As soon as they roll out, I'll surely stake them, too.

How to start earning 12-15% a year with USDT

Send USDT to Waves.Exchange

Convert USDT to USDN using OTC

Deposit USDN in staking

All done! Enjoy your daily rewards

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